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Nipron's characteristicsAchieving °»Dream and Vision°… of Nipron theory
THAT'S NIPRON°°Nipron's characteristics
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Nipron's characteristics
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View of monthly meeting
View of monthly meeting
Monthly meeting
We have a culture of having a monthly morning meeting for over 20 years now. We have been reinforced IT-driven meeting style systems constantly.

Contents of the meeting including our president°«s words.
1. Reporting order status and Gross sales
2. Total company goal toward year 2017: Improving our PDCA for reaching our goal of JPY 10 billion.
3. Explaining and reviewing our certain issue
4. Announcing the result of monthly personnel evaluation
5. Cautionary tale
6. Confirming and follow up our one of °»Seven management concept and vision°… every month.
7. personnel affairs(appointment letter issued, awards)
8. Monthly schedule and announcement of the month.

The presentation of Manufacturing and Quality control divisions
1. General overview and production status of the previous month(PDCA for reaching our goal)
2. General overview and quality status of the previous month (PDCA for reaching our goal)

The presentation of Technical department
1. The progress report of new products development
2. The introduction of new products features and technical topics

Comments and report after attending morning meeting
After attending the monthly meeting in the morning, all of employees are required to submit our report with the feedback and comments of the meeting.
This report is extremely important and beneficial for exchanging the comments with the top-to-bottom system for us. Therefore, we share the ideas and opportunities continuously for growing the company globally and strengthening of collaboration with each employee. This report is linked to the individual°«s evaluation of the month.

Data and information for morning meeting
Comments and report after attending morning meeting
Data and information for morning meeting Comments and report after attending morning meeting