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Are you in trouble with blackout
PROTECT your system with Nipron Nonstop power supply!

Nonstop Power supply is

Nipron's original blackout backup circuit is embedded into "Nonstop" power supplies. With a battery package connected, the power supply can keep providing stable power without any abnormity and fluctuation even at input problems such as blackout, instantaneous blackout, and voltage drop.

spaceSpace saving

Battery package for "Nonstop" power supply can be installed to 5-inch bay or 3.5-inch bay PC case, so "Nonstop" power supply achieves space saving unlike UPS which needs to be mounted outside.

Backup function at poewr failure is built in

  • spacePower Feeding with NO instantaneous interruptiondetails

      Nonstop power supply has NO time loss to switch to battery operation at blackout. It compares the voltage level of each inverter at AC and DC (Battery) side, and transfers higher voltage automatically. Thus it achieves high reliable power feeding without any instantaneous interruption.
      Please refer to the below for the major diagram of Nonstop power supply.

      Nonstop Power Supply structure

      The power supply has two gates (input) and two engines (converter), one for AC side and the other for battery side, and completely isolated each other. Two inputs from AC side and battery side are connected at a time to one high frequency transformer. This is called 2 (two) gates and 2 (two) engines method (parallel converters) - Our patent circuit.
      Power to load is provided from AC side normally. Once input voltage drop or power stop (blackout) occurs at AC side, the power is provided from battery side to compensate this situation. Accordingly, uninterruptible power environment is provided to secondary outputs so that no damage to computer system is given to secure continuous operation.

      spaceComparing the uninterruptible power feeding to water flow…

      comparing to water flow (At AC operation)

      comparing to water flow (At AC power failure)

Differences from the UPS

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is well known as one of the countermeasures against blackouts. "Nonstop" power supply also has uninterruptible power feeding function and high reliability.
Then, what is the difference between "Nonstop" power supply and UPS? Here are the answers for the difference between "Nonstop" power supply and UPS.


spaceDifferences between Nonstop power supply and UPS

Here are the answers compared with online inverter system UPS.
(Because nonstop power supply is also high reliability power supply that can be operate stably without instantaneous power failure.)

spaceDifference (1) Space saving

For Nonstop power supply, battery package for backup is able to be installed to 5-inch bay or 3.5-inch bay in PC (in the chassis) so that Nonstop power supply brings space saving unlike UPS which needs to be mounted outside.

Space saving

spaceDifference (2) High efficiency and Energy saving

[UPS (Online inverter system)]

UPS (Online inverter system)

[Nonstop PSU (Typical system)]

Nonstop PSU (Representative system)

At normal operation, UPS has two times power conversion inside. Additionally, there is one more time power conversion in the PC. Therefore, there are three times power conversions in total at last. Also, there are two conversions at blackout in total. On the other hand, "Nonstop" power supply converts only one time. Regardless of input voltage condition, normal or blackout, it results in energy saving in comparison with UPS.
In addition, while UPS supplies power to PC system with connected in series, Nonstop power supply is connected to a battery in PC system. Since AC line and DC line from the battery are connected in parallel, low failure rate and high reliability are realized.

spaceDifference of efficiency and energy saving

Let's compare the actual differences between the number of power conversions. Suppose 85% efficiency for UPS, 85% for PC power supply, and also 85% for Nonstop power supply. Total efficiency for the system connected with UPS would be 72% (0.85 times 0.85) which is 13% lower than Nonstop power supply.

[UPS (Online inverter system)]

UPS (Online inverter system)

[Nonstop PSU (Representative system)]

Nonstop PSU (Representative system) 

spaceIn case of 24-hour continuous operation with PC load capacity 300W

In case of 24-hour continuous operation with PC load capacity 300W

Compare to the "Nonstop" power supply and UPS with above efficiency, "Nonstop" power supply can reduce electricity expense approx.11,165 yen/year, and CO2 emission approx. 309 kg/year.

spaceDifference (3) Cost

Cost differences between UPS connection and Nonstop power supply connection is shown below.
(However, standard price for the power supply mentioned below do not include output harnesses.)

[UPS (Online inverter system)]

UPS Cost (Online inverter system)

[Nonstop PSU (Typical system)]

Nonstop PSU Cost(Representative system)

In comparison with the condition above, 70,000 yen or more cost reduction can be achieved for Nonstop power supply than UPS introduction.
(In addition, this comparison is on a basis of catalog price, not actual sales price. Also, as the price of UPS depends on manufacturers, take this comparison just as a guideline.)

Automatic shutdown available

With automatic shutdown software "NSP Pro2” installed, critical data and the system can be protected from power failures such as unexpected blackout, voltage fluctuation, in conjunction with Nonstop power supply.
Supply mains status signals sent to serial port (COM port) via RS-232C(*) from Nonstop power supply are monitored, and non-stop system operation for a short period of time is provided with blackout confirmation timer. And for blackout for a long period of time, Windows is automatically shut down by automatic shutdown function to shut down the system in safety.
Some models allow USB communication. (OS standard UPS service for Windows2000/XP/Vista/7 may be utilized, but time setting in detail is not available.)

spaceAutomatic shutdown software

Automatic shutdown software NSP PRO 2

RS232C Cable

Backup time

  • Monitor screen (Time setting)details

      Monitor screen (Time setting)

      Monitor screen (Condition setting)

      Monitor screen (Condition setting)

      [Shutdown sequence]

      [Shutdown sequence]

      spaceOther features

      Log output (13 kinds of logs are selectable)
      Reboot at blackout recovery
      System re-boot or not can be specified in the case that supply mains has been
      recovered during shutdown delay time.
      Ignoring time at initial blackout
      If blackout detection within a specific time is not desired after the start of Nonstop
      power supply monitoring service, the time can be specified in second order.
      Voice notice is available when abnormality occurs.
      Conjunction with user application is available with communication interface installed.

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