Explanation of icon.
Function name:HFA

The reliability grade system is used to determine the company's grade average and services, and are classified from highest to lowest into the following four categories: "HFA", "FA", "HOA", and "OA".

"HFA" in particular, is reserved for the highest industrial equipments, which have long service life, and are regarded with much importance for their primary applications in the social infrastructures of public establishments.

"HFA" also provides the following grade average and services:

-Product lifespan: Over 10 years (24 hours continuous operation at room temperature, 25deg.C).
-Printed circuit board: Epoxy glass (FR-4) double-sided through-hole printed circuit board.
-Installation: Install at half-static state (including oscillation from equipment's operation), without air conditioning.
For automatic operation, equipment includes alarm function and self-diagnosis function (battery life).
Equipment may include uninterruptible redundant operation function as needed.
-Warranty period: 5 years