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Function name:CE
The term CE stands for Conformite Europeenne, which means that an objective product meets the European Safety Standard.

Based on the unification of the EU markets, it is imperatively required that all products delivered and sold to the EU markets bear the CE mark.

In order to duly acquire the CE mark, it is required for individual manufacturers to fully execute the obligations specified below.

* Individual products shall fully meet the basic technical requirements.
* Individual manufacturers shall duly form statutory documents including technical files and adaptability declaration and store the statutory documents within the EU sphere.
* Adequate quality guarantee on the products delivered and sold to the EU markets shall compulsorily be implemented
* In the event that the above requirements have not fully complied with the above statutes (directions), the distributed goods shall be subject to collection, suspension, or prohibition from sale in the EU markets.

The above basic technical requirements are based on the following themes:
1) Safety of machinery
2) EMC
3) Machinery operable with a low voltage
4) Simple pressurizing receptacles
5) Safety of toys
6) Gas applied devices
7) Electrical communication terminal devices
8) Medical equipment
Of those objective requirements cited above, directions on machinery, EMC directions, and directions for applying a low voltage, are respectively applicable to our products.
However, since directions on machinery are solely applicable to those machines incorporating workable components, individual power supply units manufactured by us are not subject to the directions on machinery.