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5.2.2 Differences from UPS

Table below shows comparison of Nonstop power supply with UPS (Standby power system, Online power system, Line interactive power system, and Multi-processing power system) used for PCs and servers.

Table 5.3 Comparison of Nonstop power supply with each system of UPS
Items to compare
In the case of Nonstop power supply
In the case of exhisting UPS
Standby power system Onlinepower system Line interactive power system Multi-process ingpower system




60% to 71% with the combination of USP and PC power supply
80% to 95% with single UPS
Space saving as installation into PCs or servers is available. Half or more space of PC body is required.
Low cost because of no need for UPS purchase Additional 17,000 to 140,000 yen is required for 300 to 1KW type
Switching timeat blackout
Uninterruptible switch
10msce or less Uninter-ruptible switch 4msec or less Uninter-ruptible switch
Input voltagerange
Worldwide range from 90 to 264V AC
Supply mains voltage goes through to output AC90 to 110V AC80V to 120V by voltage compensation circuit AC80V to 144V by voltage step up/down circuit
Reliability(ProvidingNo measuresto blackoutis "1.")
Double reliability
Even when either ofAC or battery failed.the rest can take over.
Number of components is smaller as UPS isnot needed.
Half reliabilityBecause either of UPS or power supply installed in PC fails, PC stops its operation.
Object for backup Hardwares of PCs Multiple PCs and peripheral devices, such as monitors and printers, can be backed up at a time.

<< Visible differences between UPS and Nonstop power supply >>

Photo 5.1 Difference in space
Photo 5.1 Difference in space

UPS needs installation space outside PC. Meanwhile, Nonstop power supply with everything can be installed into PC. It contributes to system design with UPS function installed and compact system as well.

<< Worldwide range of input voltage >>
USP, such as Line interactive power system, Multi-processing power system, has wide range of input voltage (AC 80V to 120V), (AC 80V to 144V for Multi-processing power system), among UPSs. For Nonstop power supply, it has achieved a wider range than those as AC 85V to 264V by implementing active filter (excluding some models).
Thus, Nonstop power supply can meet AC input voltage all over the world.

<< Higher efficiency and reliability of system >>
In the case that UPS is used to back up PCs and Servers, total system efficiency becomes low as 50% to 60% because UPS is connected to embedded power supply in series.
Also, computer comes to a stop when either UPS or embedded power supply fails.
Nonstop power supply has high efficiency of 70% as it is parallel converter system, and even in case that either of converters fails, the other automatically keeps providing power securing safety and high reliability.

<System backup by UPS>

Figure 5.4 Backup by UPS
Figure 5.4 Backup by UPS

- In the case that UPS is used, power conversion is conducted several times.
As a result, total efficiency of the system becomes 50 to 60% or so.
- As UPS and PC power supply are connected in series, failure of either of them forces entire system to shut down.

<System backup by Nonstop power supply>

Figure 5.5 Backup by NSP
Figure 5.5 Backup by NSP

- In Nonstop power supply, conversion from AC to DC or DC (battery) to DC is just one time. This achieves high efficiency of around 70%.
- Due to parallel converter system, reliability is four times as high as UPS system.

<<Nonstop power supply combines features of each UPS system>>

Nonstop power supply combines merits of each UPS, such as "Low power consumption" of Standby power system, "No interruption" of Online power system, and "High efficiency" of Multi-processing power system.

Figure 5.6 Features of each UPS and NSP
Figure 5.6 Features of each UPS and NSP

<<What is backed up by Nonstop power supply?>>

Primary difference between UPS and Nonstop power supply is that output of UPS is AC but, that of Nonstop power supply is DC. Therefore, UPS can handle multiple PCs and back up at a time peripheral devices with AC input voltage.
In the meantime, Nonstop power supply backs up hardwares in PC and protect its critical data.