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Highly Efficient, Long Lasting and Energy-Saving Power Supply

Power Saving and CO2 Reduction by Using a Power Supply with Efficiency of 80% and Above

Information systems and IT equipment including those used in data centers are wasting a huge volume of electric power for the society as a whole, discharging lost power as generated heat by using power supplies with inferior power-efficiency (generally efficiency of slightly less than 70%). In addition, enormous volume of power is consumed, as large air conditioners are installed for cooling such heat to maintain the environment for appropriate operating temperature. Nipron is working on the proposition of protecting global environment, offering articles of long lasting power supply with super-high efficiency (80% and above) in order to provide an essential solution to this problem.

Simulation of the Energy-Saving Effect under Improved Efficiency of the Power Supply for Computers

While reduction of standby electric power (Energy Star Program) is already widely spread, more significant energy saving can be achieved by reducing unnecessary loss of operating power.

If a better power supply is selected, substantial saving can be attained in power cost of computers like in the case of fuel efficiency of automobiles.
Reduce Electricity Costs
By increasing power efficiency when running electrical equipment, even greater power savings can be made than the savings made when on standby.


Our products reduce industrial waste by having over 10 years operation life time.

With our experience in designing long-life power supply products serving in reducing industrial wastes for more than 10 years (or with an expected service life of more than 10 years), we supply the power supplies providing a sufficient, long lasting serviceability and reliability and extend their replacement cycles, to thereby make contribution to the reduction of industrial wastes. For this purpose, all-out efforts are made to the development and production of high-quality products, including the selection of high-reliability, long-life parts, draft layout for realizing a high cooling effect, design for securing a proper derating factors, etc. To continuously supply two-generation long-life power supplies is Nipron°«s basic stance to protect the environment.

Nipron will continue to make contribution to the global environment protection with its high-efficiency, long-life power supplies.

Nipron will continue to make contribution to the global environment protection with its high-efficiency, long-life power supplies.

Long-life power supply
Two-generation, 10-year service life
Power supply efficient up from 65% to 80%
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