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Function name:ATX

This is a standard for the motherboard of a PC/AT compatible machine.

This standard is one of most diffused. Configuration and admeasurement of board, alignments of each parts and slots are given exactly.

Remote ON/OFF function is added from ATX convention.

Design guide that is specialized in power supply, is released in 2000.

In ATX12V, size and out put connector is requested as follows.

Size: Called as like that, W x H x D (mm)=150 x 86 x 140. Called PS/2 size.

Out put connector:

・Changed main connector (20 Pin) ATX12V ver.2.0 to 24 Pin

・+12V connector

・Peripheral connector

・Floppy drive connector

・S-ATA connector based on SFX12V ver1.3