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Function name:TFX

TFX(Thin Form Factor)

A thin form factor that satisfies increasing demand for thinner systems.
A profile that is designed for low-profile micro ATX (and Flex ATX) systems to ensure good adaptability to low-profile systems
A fan-arrangement layout that provides efficient heat dissipation from the processor (and the motherboard)

The power supply dimensions are 85 mm wide x 70 mm high x 175 mm deep.

The output connectors are similar to those on the ATX model.
・Main connector: 24 pins rather than 20 pins on a TFX12V ver2.0 model
・+12V connector
・Peripheral and floppy disk drive connectors
・S-ATA connector based on TFX12V ver1.2

Nipron's PCTF-200 series has been developed based on this TFX version2.0. Its dimensions are 86 mm wide x 65.5 mm high x 175 mm deep.