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Function name:SFX

SFX(Small Form Factor)

Because of the form factor that is applicable along with microATX, the volume ratio becomes equal to or less than half that of ATX power supply. Though the electric specifications follow the basic mandatory requirements of ATX main board specifications, -5V is not provided.-5V is mainly supplied to ISA bus expansion cards.

The power supply sizes are of five types and even though their SFX specifications are the same it is essential to confirm whether those can be mounted in the case.

2.WxHxD(mm)=100x63.5x125(Fan protrusions excluded)
3.WxHxD(mm)=125x63.5x100(Fan protrusions excluded)
5.WxHxD(mm)=150x86x101.4→It is called as PS3 size and mounting is same as that of ATX(PS/2) size.

Output connector is same as ATX.

・Main connector (20 pin) →It is changed to 24 pin from SFX12V ver3.0.
・+12V connector
・peripheral connector
・Floppy drive connector
・S-ATA connector based on SFX12V ver2.3