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Function name:Redundant

Redundant can do N+1 redundant driving.

N+1 Redundant driving is driving system that enables to drive without stopping what thoughone of power supply gets trouble and breakdown.
By setting in parallel one more power supply than minimum required number.

For example, when you need 100V load, if you set 2 pieces of 50W power supplies (minimum required number) in parallel, then power supply work out. However, setting one more (+1) enables power supply to driving without stopping in the case where one of power supply gets trouble. Then you can exchange that broken power supply.

It is required to be set in parallel, so load balance circuit that enables each power supply to out put equally is needed.

See more details (PDF)

Not only these products, we ready first side redundant power supply that is adopted Nonstop power supply (pNSP2U-550P).

Being superior to existing lines, these products actualize high authenticity and low pries. It is also capable of various power supply environment only with exchange first side unit.

We named existing redundant power supply as 'Full redundant', and we also named first side redundant power supply with nonstop circuit as 'Primary redundant'.