CE marking

CE stands for "Conformite Europeeenne" and means that a product conforms wiht European safety standards. CE marking is required to be attached to the products that are exported to and sold in EU. The manufacturers of the products bearing the CE marking must folow the obligations below;

•The products must satisfy the basic technical requirements.

•Legally required documents (Technical Construction and/or Declaration of Conformity) must be prepared and filed in EU.

•Proper quality assurance must be provided.

If the product does not conform to the laws and regulations (EU Directives), all products of the same model already on the market must be collected and sales stopped or banned.

Basic technical directives cover the followings:

・Safety of equipmens


・Low voltage equipments

・Simple pressure vessel


・Gas apparatus

・Telecommunication terminals

・Medical equipments

The EU Directives listed above that affect our products at present are Machines Directive, the EMC and Low-voltage Directive. Here, the devices targeted by the Machines Directive are defined as devices with moving parts, so our discrete power supplies are not subject to this directive.

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