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4.2 Is UPS needed?

Power status in Japan is stable in general and blackout occurrence rate caused by power feeding failure is low. However, momentary blackout in switching power feeder lines by power company is relatively high. Momentary blackout for several milliseconds of time is said to occur around 4 times per year. Also, although large scale blackout is low, another blackout such as operation of circuit breakers, accidental unplugging may occur. In addition, momentary voltage drop at startup of large motors, or power failure caused by lightning surge may happen. Power failure mentioned above may bring severe damage such as malfunction of computers and vanishing of data. In case of system failure, it takes you a lot of money and time to recover. Of late, uninter- ruptibility of entire network is being required due to increase and practical realization of Information and Telecommunications such as LAN and Internet, and rising importance for server data. Demand for USP is increasing in highly reliable systems as UPS protects computer systems from power failure.

<< Applicable system for UPS >>

[System that requires high reliability]
- Online system for financial institutions
- Internet providers
- Public broadcasting and telecommunication equipments
- Disaster prevention management system
- Medical management system
- Critical servers and workstations

[System that is used under poor and harsh environment of power supply]
- Areas where lightning and momentary voltage fluctuation frequently occur.
- Area where power source noise frequents.