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5.1 What is NSP?

Nowadays, as a word "Data Explosion" indicates, data is keeping on teemingly increasing. Under the situation where data is explosively increasing, damage of company would be bottomless when data is lost. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the company loses its life. Also, as computers are a delicate instrument, with just an accident like momentary blackout, it faces a risk to stop operations temporarily. The most effective way to avoid the risk to lose data is data-backup.

As one of measures to back up data at momentary or entire blackout, UPS is listed to be installed outside PCs and servers. However, it brings various problems such as securing room or high cost.

The most serious problem among those is that installation of UPS increases reliability to supply mains, of course, but reliability to whole system is left imperfect because power supply inside PC remains there. To solve this problem, we, Nipron, have developed NSP (Nonstop power supply) which needs no external UPS. NSP is a new type of PC power supply which has uninterruptible function added to existing PC power supply, and replaceable with existing power supply. For problem related to servers, etc. once blackout occurs, all functions of whole system come to a stop to bring enormous loss and mess as well as loss of data. That is, Coming to a stop is unacceptable. It must keep on working for 24 hours a day in 5 years or longer in nowadays information-based society. Responding to such a demand, it has been over 10 years since Nipron started to provide 2G-2E system Nonstop power supply.

Figure 5.1°°Nonstop power supply structure
Figure 5.1°°Nonstop power supply structure