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5.2.3 Major features of NSP power supply (except some models)

<< External UPS is not needed >>

- UPS function embedded power supply without external UPS
- Space & Cost saving

<< 2 Gates (AC and DC input) >>
2 Engines (two independent converters) adopted

- High reliability
- High availability
- High efficiency (compared with existing system)

<< Active filter adopted >>

- Worldwide range of input voltage
- Harmonic current regulation (IEC61000-3-2 Class A)compliant
- High power factor (98% - typical) at AC 100V with rated load and fully charged battery

<< Highly reliable components >>

- PWB with through holes.
- Electrolytic capacitors (105é°°¶without quarternary ammonium salts)
- Long life Fan (ball bearing)

<< Various safety standards certified >>

- UL, CSA(c-UL), TUV, etc. certified.

<< Interface with PC equipped. >>

- Monitoring blackout, recovery, and remaining capacity of battery and Complete shutdown of power supply (D-Sub and TTL level)
- Conjunction with Monitoring software