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5.5 Application cases of Nipron NSP power supply

Table 5.6 Case 1
Application Function and Features of the product Background of NSP installation Photos

All-In-One Server

NSP3-150-D2S and Lead-acid battery

The server is quipped with e-mail, Web, ftp, firewall, etc. so that it works with thosewhen only ISDN, full-time connection line, and LAN are provided. 150W output is good enough as the server do not need high power due to no graphic processing function. Dramatic decrease of support frequency was required. OS was Linux. Any operator was not wanted in operation. Malfunction was likely to occur when system was started up after the systemshutdown due to blackout. photo 1

Industrial Controller

NSP2-250-D2S and Lead-acid battery

Industrial controller with Windows NT installed that provides man-machine-interface to work in conjunction with shared memory of VxWorks that performs real-time processing. The controlleris installed in equipments like chip mounters. 230W output is required as Windows NT and VxWorks run on a different chip individually. Dramatic decrease of support frequency was required. OS was Window NT. The controller was installed in plant facility so that production recovery time had to be minimum after electricpower was recovered from blackout. photo 2

Chip Mounter

NSP2-250-D2S and Lead-acid battery

Equipment that mounts a variety of chip parts athigh speed. For actual arithmetic processing, 230W outputis not needed (150W is enough) but, 230W output is adopted to have extra power. For control part which needs to avoid infuenceby blackout or voltage-fall, Nonstop power supply has been adopted. For another control part that is unaffected by those, PCSA has been adopted. Highly reliable power supplies are required as operating time influences directly production inquantity. photo 3


Table 5.7 Case 2
Application Function and Features of the product Background of NSP installation Photos

Lab system

NSP3-150-D2S and Lead-acid battery, NSP2-250-D2S and Lead-acid battery

Developing device thatperforms processes through to development in a short periodof time at photo shops in town.Same as 1 hour photo in USA.The system is used in devices at several companies such as NORITSU and Konica .Output power is 150W to230W depending on devices. UPS function was needed to staby operate computers at the shop due to insufficient power installations. Also, automatic shutdown function was required asthey experienced many times that supply mains was turned off accidentally by unskilled operators. photo 4

Medical Imaging Device

NSP3-150-D2S and Lead-acid battery

Device that outputs X-ray images, and Server that keeps those images. They are able to access patient's X-ray images via network. Power required is 150W asit provides power only to arithmetic processing part. Power supply with smallleakage current was required to comply with medical practice. In general, medical institutions have UPS (CVCF) installed. For some devices that are not directly releated to life, as their priority is low. They need no UPS function but, local UPS function was required in this case. photo 5