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The president words

Hello everybody!
My name is Setsuo Sakai with Nipron Co., Ltd. It's my pleasure to talk to you closely and frankly who are taking into account joining us.

''Let's make our jobs exciting!'' That is the origin of my business and it has kept me going until today. I would like all my people to feel and inherit this "Exciting" as Nipron's culture. Nipron is still small scaled and on its way, but has a big dream, great ambition, and high pride. We might be considered too smart unexpectedly in many cases in the worst-case scenario. We've experienced good things and bad things as well. But now, we have a top position in this business as a Nonstop (uninterruptible) power supply pioneer for PCs and computer systems while we have kept our belief, "With the dream to spread and grow further the field where the jobs are exciting."

Our annual sales amount is currently 3 billion yen or so. We are all working together very hard to become a "10 billion yen company in 2010" and "listed at stock-market."
To achieve these, we would like people with ambitious mind to join us and to share our sense of value. I have summed up my thoughts and feelings on management I have had since I started my business as "Nipron's seven philosophies on management."
Firstly, I would like to talk about "Rightness " among Rightness, Vitality and Power in "Philosophy of a company existence," and we have made it our criteria that Rightness comes first. Thus, even younger personnel's opinion or part-timers' opinion is adopted in management as long as it is based on Rightness whenever correct judgment is required. Sometimes it may make senior workers look foolish, and you may receive their sullen look. However, nothing is more important than correct judgment, and Rightness is Rightness.
Secondly, Power. Management requires (Power). We cannot attain any "Dream and Ambition" without Power in both Hardware and Software.
Hence, we will search out, find out, and train those who have Power!
Accordingly, for those with Power, whoever they may be, young, mid-career, or men or women, we take it for granted that the important jobs should preferentially go to them with reasonable payment.
We also ask them to continuously study to get Power, avoiding the old fashioned thoughts that do not survive in real world.
I, too, standing on the same basis, am constantly training and practicing myself for attaining more Power.

Why so much? Why now? Why??? That is because I would like to make our jobs exciting.
Never ending exciting and thrilling jobs always require the ability to follow changes in any era and to take in advance of it. That is why we need to win to achieve it.
This is the absolute requirement for a company to survive forever.

Setsuo Sakai
Managing Director
Nipron Co., Ltd.


President Setsuo Sakai