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Consideration of the Global Environment
Consideration of the Global Environment In developed countries, the discharged pollutants lead severe environmental destruction by the economic structure in mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal. Actually, per-capita energy consumption in developed countries is several times greater than that in developing countries. Consequently, the developed countries should take the initiative in advancing structural reform of preparation appropriate to the environment.
Resource Conservation and Banning the Use of Hazardous Substances
For restricting consumption of resource and energy and reducing discharge of pollutants, wasteful production, consumption and disposal should be improved, and energy-saving products which can be used for a long time and has excellent recycling and energetic efficiency and its production system should be developed. Furthermore, for preventing hazards that hazardous substances are used for production or contained in products and ultimately spread around the globe by disposal, establishment of production framework without using hazardous substances is required. It is proof of an environmentally advanced company to take the initiative in fulfilling its own responsibility according to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) issued by EU on February 13, 2003.
Prevention of Global Warming by Electric Power Saving
Today energy of 40% or more is used for electric generation in the world, and it has become much more important to restrict wasteful consumption of electric power and fossil fuels and to abate emissions of global greenhouse gas CO2. Especially in information system sector, enormous numbers of IT devices (over one billion) is being rapidly increased in the world, so that power-saving measure for them has become an important agenda.
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