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4.1 What is UPS?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply which keeps on continuously feeding electric power to supply mains system even when power failure such as blackout or momentary outage occurs. UPS consists of mainly battery, charger, and inverter, and has a variety of power feeding system according to circuit structure. Following is major systems.

- Standby power system
- Online power system
- Line Interactive power system
- Multi-processing power system

- Flywheel power system

Fundamental operation of UPS is as follows, Electric energy for output is supplied from supply mains
in general while battery is charged at a time. When blackout or power failure occurs, battery provides energy to inserter to convert DC to AC as output. UPS has a wide range of types from small power for client PCs to large power to back up entire facility such as building and factory.

Figure 4.1°°UPS connection
Figure 4.1°°UPS connection