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6.4 Application and market size prospects of Best Mix power supply

Table 7.1°°Application and market size prospects of Best Mix power supply
Application Application description DC24V DC48V DC110/220V DC280V Total output power (kW)
Servers PCs (with our Nonstop power supply installed) Periphral terminal equipments Digital switching facility, Optical com-munication terminal station, Cell-phone base station, Various radios Inverter lightings (lighting inbuildings), Emergency lighting power supply Inverter power supply for various rotary machineery

Office buildings:

Computer network system

To utilize solar power, wind power, and midnight power for office lightings to save energy and amortize facilities. In case of emergency such as blackout, to power computer network and lighting by switching to partial lighting from full lighting


mark mark markmark 3-10multiple unitsas requiredper system


Computer control system, Machine tools, Industrial applications

To prioritize natural energy for power system to save energy. Power supply in the neighborhood of DC 280V will be required as all power supplies will adopt inverter system in the future. Also, as computer networking will move on, uninterruptible power supply will be required. img1 mark mark mark 5-50

SOHO power supply:

Small office
Home office

Employment formats change along with digital revolution contributing to home office and satellite office which saves energy in commute movement. As persons who work freely and creatively are increasing so that backup for whole office and energy saving is needed. mark mark mark mark 3-10

Power supply for tele-communication facility:

Cell-phone base station, Optical communication terminal station, Digital switching facility, Various radios

For communication facilities, long-time uninterruptive power supply is required. Devices called rectifiers are traditionally used. Of late, many new device are beingmade along with multi media driving and digitalization. However, as times go by, demand for higher performance, energysaving, and space saving is rising. Also, safety is being enhanced. mark mark mark mark 5-30
Power supply for power facilities For substation installations and automated distribution installations, long-time uninterruptibility is required. What is called rectifiersand power supply.
mark   mark   3-10
Banking system Total backup at blackout for main frame computers, terminal equipments, CDs, ATMs, and network gear. mark mark mark   3-50
Security/Disaster prevention security system Many security equipments in building shave had backup functions by uninterruptible power sources. Best Mix power supplycan provide total backup and serveas emergency power supply. mark mark mark   3-10
Power source for EV an high way, Monitoring and Emergency system, Ticketing system Contactless power distribution toelectric vehicle at high speed on thehighway. Maximum utilization of naturalenergy e.g. solar power generationand wind power generation mark mark   mark 20-100