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Nipron's characteristicsAchieving °»Dream and Vision°… of Nipron theory
THAT'S NIPRON°°Nipron's characteristics
THAT'S NIPRON°°Nipron's characteristics The president words°°Nipron's characteristics GEN-SAN°«S muttering
About Our Business
Nipron is a manufacturer of standard power supply products.°°These ATX/SSI compliant products supply stable DC power to computer motherboards including PC server storage as well as peripherals.

In Nipron, we refer to a computer power supply that stably supplies power to a CPU (which can be likened to a thinking function), memory and hard disk (a storage function) is called as °»Brain Power Supply.°… Likewise, we call the one that supplies power to the drives as the °»Body Power Supply.°… Nipron will strive for development of differentiating products and creation of new markets.
°»Brain°… Power Supply
Nipron has many patents granted for non-stop power supplies —uninterruptible and fault-tolerant—which differentiate from our products from our competitors. Nipron also has the industry°«s richest series of highly reliable universal ATX power supplies without back-up functions

Today°«s higher speed CPUs such as the 4.2 GHz Pentium 4 and the D3.2 GHz Celeron which are being applied to video processing and high resolution image processing requires power supplies with higher capacity and smaller size. On the other hand, the industrial embedded devices are shifting towards low-power consumption CPUs such as the °»Pentium-M°… which requires fan-less ATX power supplies that use less electric power. There is a clear trend for market polarization of these two divergent needs

Nipron has won respect from our customers by providing advanced, cutting-edge development capability and flexibility to quickly respond to market demands. We offer not only hardware, but also a wide range of support services, including °»test services°… for the comprehensive evaluation of motherboards and Q&A support service.

°…Body°… Power Supply
Nipron is now focusing on large-capacity power supplies for drives as another main focus of our business

We have developed a multiple-booster, ultra-high efficient DC/DC converter for electric automobiles and the drives of mobile robots, as well as for use as a large capacity power supply to convert the output from solar cells and fuel cells to easy-to use high voltage (200 – 300 V DC).

Market results show that these power supplies are very promising--they are customized for particular customers with patents granted from Japan, U.S.A, Europe, China and other countries.

Nipron will make best efforts to link its °»Brain°… Power Supply and its °»Body°… Power Supply into a system, in order to create new businesses to offer the best mixed power line, aimed at energy saving and high information security.