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Nipron's characteristicsAchieving °»Dream and Vision°… of Nipron theory
THAT'S NIPRON°°Nipron's characteristics
WHAT'S NIPRON°°About Our Business THAT'S NIPRON°°Nipron's characteristics GEN-SAN°«S muttering
The president words°°Nipron's characteristics
I am Sakai of Nipron. I°«d like to tell you about our company.

Origin of our company, Beginning of our company I wanted to make business pleasure, because of this motive I°«ve been working till now. I want to tell all my employees this pleasure, at the same time I hope that this is came down as Nipron°« culture.

Even though we Nipron are still small-scale and developing company, we have big dream and wish. You might think of us impudent. After many twists and turn, we°«ve had our principle °»I should make our company big and work pleasantly with dream°… which turned us pioneer of computer non-stop power and the top company in this field.

Now the yearly turnover of this company is about three thousand million yen though we all work on for 10 thousand million company in 2008 and listing of stock. Therefore we°«d like a person who understand and share our sense of value to get into our business. Since we established, we organize our thought of management as a °»Nipron°« seventh principles.°…

Among our principle °…company existence°… Sei, Mei, Ryoku°£ Our belief is based on that much truthful(Sei) is better than truthful. Consequently, we bring in needed opinion that is much truthful even from young employees and part-timers. Which might lose superior employees°« honor. Occasionally this makes bad mood during us though we make much of right judgment.

Next is power(Ryoku) which we do need for running(both hard and soft). We cannot succeed dreams and wishes without power. Therefore we look for an employee who has power. Find out! Bring up! After all we should give an important tasks and proper salary to employees even if you are young, mid-career hiring and woman. I also want them to learn constantly not to keep old view. I also do training, practice and discipline to empower. If you would ask me why you want to°ń°ń I only could tell you that I want to make our business pleasure. We need to win and have an ability to know this irregular period to do job pleasure and thrilling. This is requirement to existence us permanently. Though this is simple, This is Nipron°« introduction. Thank you very much for reading.

President Setsuo Sakai