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2018. Extended Hanshin Dream Factory
Production area was doubled to a total of 17,000 square meters.
2017. Started to develop and sell the system package, "PV eXpander," which can store and utilize the excess power of photovoltaic power generation.
2015. Matsuzaka Dream Factory was restarted with an exclusive line for PCB type standard power supplies.
PV Maximizer was selected for “New Energy Venture Business Technology Innovation Program (Phase C)” by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
2014. Awarded by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (March)
Started to develop and sell the electrolytic capacitor-less boosting DC-DC converter, "PV Maximizer," which is ideal for photovoltaic power generation.
2013. Increased the capital to 436,750,000 yen
2012. East district business office moved to Kawasaki city. (September)
2009. Silent SFX Power supply with thermo-sensing speed control fan "PCSF-350P-X2S1" was launched in February.
2008. The new Hanshin Dream Factory was completed in September.
The head office of Nipron was relocated to the new Hanshin Dream Factory in December.
" eNSP-300P L series"corresponding to "24Pin" and "sata" were developed and launched in September.
ATX power supply installable to 2U-rack server"PC2U-530P-X2S" was launched in November.
2007. DC24V input fanless ATX power supply"PCFD-180P-X2S" was developed and launched in October.
Primary redundant power supply"pNSP2U-330P-AAS" was developed and launched in November.
Automatic shutdown software"NSP Pro 2" was developed and launched in November.
2006. The First TQM Presentation Meeting was held in February.
Automatic Chip component insertion lines were added in February.
" The Stock Exchange Listing Project" was kicked off. With review of the business between affiliates, "Nipron MDF Co., Ltd." was integrated to "Nipron Co., Ltd."
2005. Website renewal
Ultimate silence ATX power supplies"PCFL-180P series" were developed and launched.
650W Peak (550W continuous) "ePCSA-650P" was developed and launched.
Brand New from Nipron, "Mina-Motto san" series were launched with three independent 12V outputs, also available at PC shops.
2004. Received ISO14001 certification in environment management system. (February)
2003. Developed and started selling CPU lead battery, Nickel metal-hydride battery pack "BS06A-H24/2.5L" in March.
Announced a development of Nonstop power supply in "NSP2-220 series" standardized the medical safety in March.
Certified as a Sony Green Partner in December.
2002. Developed and started selling the world's first removable Nonstop Power Supply "eNSP-300P series" in March.
Developed and started selling "PC1U-210P series" with 5% increased efficiency for 1U height size ATX power supply with high-efficiency in October.
2001. Changed its name to Nipron in February.
Recognized as one of an excellent manufacturing companies and received a certification as the leading manufacturing company in Hanshin district in March.
Transferred Nihon Densan Potrans operations to Nipron and Nipron set out for business expansion in October Started selling Smart Nonstop Power Supply S-NSP series.
Developed and started selling VEM rack mount system of Nonstop Power Supply PS2656, dual power supply PCSR300, quad power supply PS5089, power supply for sequencer PS2666, and battery pack capable at every direction installed.