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RoHS Compliance, Lead-Free Compliance

°÷Activities to reduce the hazardous substances for °»Global Environment Conservation,°… RoHS Compliance

With our corporate policy, which newly added the promise to provide the nature-friendly battery for °»Global Environment Conservation,°… NIRON is making advanced efforts on development of super high efficiency and long life products, activities to reduce the hazardous substances to environment, and RoHS ( the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances ) compliance.

On 13 February, 2003, the European Union (EU) issued Directives on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).The WEEE Directive specifies ten types of electrical and electronic equipments to reduce their amount of waste and level of hazard, and obliges to establish a comprehensive segregation and collection system. The RoHS Directive is applied to eight out of those ten WEEE-applied equipments with regard to the use of hazardous substances. Following six substances will be banned as of 1 July 2006.

°¶hexavalent chromium
°¶PBB ( polybrpminated biphenyls )
°¶PbdPBDE ° polybrominated diphenyl ethers°ň

Promotion Program

As an activity to reduce the substances hazardous to environment, we are energetically promoting RoHS conversion of our current products which are capable of RoHS compliant and planned to be produced after July 2006, while introducing production facilities, replacing parts and substances, and arranging suitable components.As for our future products we will design not to contain the hazardous substances but to select suitable parts and substances in accordance with the RoHS Directive. Also we attempt to develop products with high efficiency and longer life (expected ten years or longer) contributing to industrial waste reduction and global warming prevention.

Since January 2005, we have been delivering RoHS compliant products serially subsequent to inventory adjustment. Moreover, the number of our products has been increased and it reached 15 product lines (12 series) in September. However, in the meantime, three types of products will be available on the market concurrently; RoHS compliant, lead- free, and the current products. We are sorry to inform that we raise 1,000 JPY per RoHS compliant product before the inventory adjustment is completed.
We would truly appreciate your understanding of this provisional condition in order to deal with the immediate market demand and the inventory issue in practice.

RoHS compliant products

RoHS compliant products available after September

NIPRON is progressively committing projects for °»globe environment conservation.°… Our company is working as the most advanced company in lead-free, in accordance with the RoHS (the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances) Directive. NIPRON is working, as a pioneer, for the global warming prevention by raising the exchange efficiency of various batteries such as ATX power supply from the averaged rate of approximately 68% to 75 - 80-strong % , which leads to the significant reduction of energy loss on global basis.

Management and activities for reduction activities of environmental load substance and the RoHS correspondence
Since NIPRON completed exclusion of the environmental load substances other than a lead, in promoting RoHS instructions, it is divided into two steps, and has already work on them.The first step is to use all lead free for solders in manufacturing floor, and the second step is to satisfying a threshold and correspondence of RoHS for each mass of all material.Component stock containing the quality of a subject will be dead stock and it becomes impossible to decrease industrial waste as a result, when a component change is superfluously promoted.
An "Environmental load substance management standard" is defined and quality of a subject for managed.
1. Threshold Management of part
2. Management of environmental
3. Management according to
work of part level
4. Management according to
work of product level
Detailed report° PDF°ň
In addition, we received green procurement authorization from each company.
Sony Corporation °» Authorization of Green Partner°…(2003.12) Sony Corporation
°» Authorization of Green Partner°…
Ricoh Company, Ltd. Certification of chemical material management system (CMS) (2005.01) Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Certification of chemical material management system (CMS)
About lead free manufacturing
NIPRON think that it is most important to maintain conventionally quality at the time of lead free production. (A pair of eutectic solder)The following activities are performed for the improvement in maintenance of the quality by the formation of lead free.

1. We adopt Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu in consideration of the balance of
reliability, management, and workability for the solder composition.
2. We adopt OSP (water-soluble preflux) processing board in
consideration of quality and management.
3. We select printed circuit board production factory and audit them
4. Thoroughness of microscope observation of a printed circuit board
and a mounting board.
5. The thoroughness of feedback and cyclization of the quality
information to manufacturing floor and part vendors.
6. The continuous improvement of a production line.

Detailed report° PDF°ň
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