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Removable Battery Package
 RBS02A-P24/2.3L • Applicable power supplies
- HNSP9-520 series
- eNSP3-450 series
- mNSP3-450 series
• Long life Lead-Acid battery
• Hot Swappable
• Removable at the front panel of PC
• 5-inch bay mountable
Battery Data
Battery Data
Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
Compatible case size 5 inch bay removable type
Outline drawing 148Wx42Hx245D
Weight 3.50 kg typ
Applied battery Sealed lead-acid battery 12V x 2 in series connection
Nominal battery power voltage 24V
Rating capacity 2.3Ah
Built in fuse rating 30A 32V
Operating temperature 0 to 40 deg. C/20 to 90 %RH
Storage temperature/humidity -20 to 50 deg. C/10 to 95 %RH
Warranty One year after delivery; if defects belong to us, the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at our cost.
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