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ISO9001 Compliance
ISO9001 Compliance

By gaining certification in the international standard ISO 9001 for quality assurance and creating a quality management manual for the systems regarding product development, sales and service, Nipron is maintaining a higher level of quality assurance. Nipron°«s quality assurance policy is as follows.

Quality Assurance Policy Protection-The foundation of our manufacturing process and management systems In order to assert our existence in this highly-sophisticated information society, we feel it is our mission to assume the role of protector of your information and IT (information security and safety/client equipment and information).
Our "High Policy" is the background for our quality policy.

It states that a power source (heart) must never fail. Devices (the human body) must supply clean electricity (blood) for their entire lifespan.

We specialize in manufacturing and sales of switch mode power supplies, which are used by our customers as the heart of their products. Therefore, they should never cause our customer's products to fail, such as by ceasing to function. To ensure this, we must manufacture high quality products. Our quality policy was created for this reason. As mentioned above, power sources are equivalent to human hearts. Quality products should never break down, but if they do, they should do so in a safe manner that provides a sense of security. Moreover, customers should feel a sense of satisfaction from long-term use of our products. Putting this all together, we believe in "products that are safe and that give our customers a sense of security."

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