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ISO 14001 Compliance
Ricoh Company, Ltd. Certification of chemical material management system (CMS) (2005.01)
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Certification of chemical material management system (CMS)
Sony Corporation °» Authorization of Green Partner°… (2003.12)
Sony Corporation
" Authorization of Green Partner"
ISO 14001 Compliance

As one of the activities of "preserve the earth environment", NIPRON carried out the attestation acquisition about environment of the international standard ISO 14001.

Environmental Policy °ŕEnvironmental Philosophy°ŘNipron recognizes the preservation of the global environment as one of our most important management concerns. Under its Environmental Policy, the Company actively contributes as a responsible corporate citizen to protect the global environment and maintain a sustainable society that safeguards the hopes and dreams of future generations. °ŕEnvironmental Policies°Ř1.Nipron works to maintain and improve the environment and to prevent pollution in the course of all our business activities: development, design, manufacture, sales, related services involving switch-mode power supply, and metal processing (operated by the group company Cim Giken Co., Ltd.). 2.Nipron fully complies with prevailing laws and regulations, customer requests, all other Company-mandated guidelines, and ensures customer safety. 3.Nipron establishes environmental objectives and goals in light of current business conditions and activities, implements plans to achieve these goals, and conducts reviews as necessary. 4.Nipron periodically conducts audits and management reviews to enhance its environmental management system in order to promote ongoing improvement in environmental performance. 5.Nipron documents its Environmental Policy, ensures all employees are fully aware of its content and publicly discloses the policy. °ŕEnvironmental Practices°Ř-Protect the global environment: provide a green and environmentally sound power supply. -Develop and manufacture resource and energy conserving products: Apply design standards to achieve 80% energy efficiency (an improvement of 10% or more). -Reduce industrial wastes: Apply design standards that achieve longer product life for usability above ten years. Established: February 28, 2003 Amended (first): November 29, 2003 Amended (second): March 10, 2005 Amended (third): July 1, 2005
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