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Switching power supply with minimized noise and heat (12V output Ultra High Efficiency type with optional connector)
 UZP-120-12-JBH Ultra High Efficiency & Long Life
Low Leakage Current & Low Noise
Make Applications Smaller and Thinner
Sister Model: Medical Standard Approved Model
Output specification
Output specification ,Continuous 120W,Peak Capacity 200.4W
Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
Compatible case size Other
Outline drawing 62Wx24Hx155D
Weight 0.25 kg typ
Input Voltage AC 85-264V
Efficiency AC 89.5% typ(AC100V)/91.5% typ(AC200V)
Power factor 99% typ(AC100V)/90% typ(AC200V)
Input changeover system Worldwide
Safety UL60950-1, CSA60950-1(c-UL),
CE marking(IEC62368-1)
High frequency current regulation IEC61000-3-2 (ed.2.1) class D EN61000-3-2 (A14) class D compliant
EMI standard
(Input feedback noise)
VCCI-B FCC-B CISPR22-B EN55022-B compliant
CE marking Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive,RoHS2.0
EMS immunity Electrostatic discharge: EN61000-4-2 compliant
Radiate, radio frequency electromagnetic fields: EN61000-4-3 compliant
Fast transient burst: EN61000-4-4 compliant
Lightning surge: EN61000-4-5 compliant
Conductive radio frequency electromagnetic fields: EN61000-4-6 compliant
Power source frequency magnetic immunity: EN61000-4-8 compliant
Voltage dips and fluctuation: EN61000-4-11 compliant
Operating temperature -10 to 60 deg C (With natural cooling)/-10 to 70 deg C (With forced air cooling)
Leakage current 0.06mA typ(AC100V)/0.12mA typ(AC200V)
Cooling systems Air-cooling without blower
Output ground connection Capacitor ground
Warranty Three years after delivery
Compatible battery pack (Separately sold):When each icon is clicked, corresponding description is displayed.
Lead uncomplianceNickel Metal Hydride compliance Lithium Ion uncomplianceCapacitor compliance
BS28A-H350/2.5L Status outputs (remaining capacity/battery life notification)
available for the battery package
CB03A-EC400/801F A trouble concerning a countermeasure against instantaneous power failure is solved! Capacitor backup unit.
Accessory (Optional)
WH-02XH02XH-500 RC Signal Harness
WH-03XH03XH-115 Connection harness for CB03A series
WH-09ELP03XH-200 Connect the battery package,BS28A-H350/2.5L and UZP-120 Series
WH-C05VH-800 Input Harness
WH-C06VH-500-03 Output Harness for UZP-120/mUZP(T)-120 Series
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