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“Business is a game.” There is the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat, and there is the challenge of enjoying the tension that is a necessary part of business, to aim for even further growth.

The joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat in business bring tremendous growth to individuals. That is why, “Business is a game.”

In order to attain the joy of victory, we cannot fear failure and must maintain the spirit and energy to face any situation. So we should be strongly tenacious in working towards victory, endure difficulties and find joy in continuous challenges. That is the “Samurai Way of Life.”

In order to work in the organization each employee must have a deep understanding of his role, and must be able to take responsible actions to attain objectives set by the organization.

It is vital for managers to understand the true nature of problems, and to make speedy judgments and decisions to lead employees in the correct direction to achieve Nipron’s goals and objectives.

Victory and defeat are naturally important, but are not everything. We want to build a company where people can enjoy doing creative work – by learning important lessons from the “joy of victory” and the “bitterness of defeat”, enjoying the necessary tension, and keeping curiosity about the unknown alive.