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Nipron personnel hold a thinking/practicing energy and entrepreneurial spirit, and aim to a professional dream group with prosperous imaginations while switching a dreaming cycle at all times.

Thoughts will transfer into a dream and such dream into any figure. Then, such figure creates any profit and such profit gives us any vitality for further dreams on behalf of Nipron. This is a dream cycleI

Such energy as casting a dream into shape holds enough energy to overcome every difficulty for a source to bring forth futures. Such energy referred to as a dream or ambition creates merchandises and cooperate cultures, wherein human beings grow.

Nipron hopes to work together with the young contained any powerful and unlimited potentialities and to continuously switch a dream cycle. The young referred to herein mean how to think, but donft mean ages. Human beings donft age only by putting on years. Nobody ages until loses onefs ideal or passion, depending on whether or not, irrespectively of ages, always holds any mind to challenge to dreams. Besides, Nipron personnel hope to become such person as always holds any inquiring minds and doubts, does not imitate any forerunners, or carries out its purpose by holding a gthinking/practicing energyh to select, think and practice its own preceding way and an gentrepreneurial spirith with any tenacity and fighting instinct. In addition, they want to be such person as does not scant its efforts to realize the reason by learning patiently from first time if its own knowledge lacks in the settlement of problems. Such behavior will lead to enhance skills and acquire peoplefs empathy and confidence for becoming real thing.

A company is the theater to provide staff with any stage for self-actualization and for exploiting itself. Nipron personnel hope to be such professional person as each treats given environments or conditions as chance and challenge to the joy of self-actualization through business, together with accepting abilities for each other and correctly treating its self-stuff.

For the above, all of them should actively participate in operations or managements, have any chance to make a dream into any figure and make a challenge. Let us create such soil as above mentioned Nipron mind (culture) may ray down roots and grow.