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“Seeking to serve and to protect, which is our motto, as the best and the only one of its kind in the world with a samurai spirit to provide power supply units – Our quest for fulfilling our hopes and dreams”

With our motto of “to serve and to protect,” Nipron seeks to manufacture power supply units that never be broken and stop operating. Our hope is to continue to improve the quality of electrical power as well as to improve technology that allows to keep supplying high quality power. To generate a “safe and reliable power source” is our utmost goal.

As science advances and information technology becomes more sophisticated, more importance will be placed on the safety and reliability in power supply. PCs and data networking have rapidly been widespread, in particular, allowing to computerize various kinds of control systems. In addition, the wider application of electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic commerce (EC), virtual banks and electronic settlement of payment on the Internet, and electronic storage of important information reflects the rapidly developing information technology. In this IT society, suspension of power supply would be a fatal blow.

A power source plays the same role as the human heart does. Under any condition, a power supply unit must not be broken before the life of the machine ends. However advanced a control and operating system may become, if it is broken or malfunctions, the machine would not work properly and, furthermore, could cause tremendous damage to our daily life and to industrial society.

To meet the needs of the time, Nipron has developed a safe and reliable design named “2 Gates 2 Engines (2G2E)” to ensure non-stop power (NSP) supply. We continuously seek to expand our NSP supply business not within Japan but also around the world, eventually accounting for the largest market share in the world. While expanding the business, we hope to establish the 2G2E as international de facto standards and become a leading company in the industry. We believe our strength lies in our excellent ideas and strategies based on the Japanese traditional mindset combined with a globally oriented mindset. While taking the lead in the NSP supply industry, Nipron will further seek to develop and provide our own technologies and products so as to meet our customers’ demands around the world.