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“Seeking to promote projects to make our lives easier and fulfilling and to enhance culture through our concept of the ‘dream factory’”

The “dream factory” is a Nipron’s concept to create an environment where we turn our vision into reality. Believing that dreams are meaningful only when they are realized, we are seeking to provide a high-grade production base in an environment where functionality and amenities are well integrated to allow this happen. Nipron aims at developing a highly intelligent production system and a fully IT-driven manufacturing plant supported by the developed system.

In addition, we are also planning to construct an “urban-type central research institute” abundant with the latest technical and marketing information and a “resort-type research institute and training center” located amid beautiful nature away from city centers and in a relaxing atmosphere. These institutions will provide near-futuristic working environment where employees can let their imagination be stimulated and enjoy working.

In these environments, Nipron, with its socially meaningful dreams and ambition, hopes to promote projects that will promise a fulfilling life, improve culture, and help nations and societies further develop. While seeking for further development, we continue to maintain a harmonious relationship with the environment in local communities from a viewpoint of global environment conservation.

Customers’ satisfaction
“Continuing to provide Nipron brand products with pride that truly meet the needs of customers at fair prices”
To protect information safety, one of our important roles in today’s society, Nipron seeks to establish de facto standards for information safety that reflect the current trend.
To satisfy our customers’ high standards, we need to be sensitive to potential changes in the market. As a specialist supplier of power supply units, we will always commit ourselves to providing the highest-standard products to our customers.
“Nipron brand” is proof of our pride. We are proud of the high quality of our products. “Today’s quality will yield tomorrow’s profits” is one of our most important beliefs.
It is necessary for each one of our employees to hold his/her own philosophy for product development (belief in manufacturing power sources, purpose of product development, detailed consideration in designing, excellence in products, etc.). In addition, individual employees should have something to be proud of and perform value added activities to achieve high quality results.
It is our hope to be always attractive to both Nipron’s employees and outsiders, and to establish a network between our employees who possess the mindset stated above and outsiders who share the same mindset for the purpose of developing new products together.