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Computer Power Supply with Resin Panel (With 24-pin main and S-ATA connector)
 eNSP-300P-L20-00S eNSP-300P-S20 series corresponding to the latest connector
● 24 (20+4)Pin for Main connector
● Five S-ATA connectors equipped!
● 4Pin/8Pin connector for +12V equipped
● Backup function can be added with Nonstop unit and Signal unit
● Silent due to TSFC motor
● Repalceable Coolin fan
*Please use Metric Screw Threads, ("M3" screws) for PSU mounting.(Inch Screw Threads cannot be used.)
Function :For description of function, click each icon
DC Startup uncomplianceRS232C uncomplianceTTL uncomplianceSilent complianceRoHS Directive complianceConnection uncompliancePFC complianceLead-free compliance5VSBFAN complianceTSFCFAN uncomplianceUSB uncompliance
Output specification
Output specification ,Continuous 203.6W,Peak Capacity 303.6W
Output connector: For description of function, click each icon
Output connector for ATX Mother Board uncompliance ATX 12V ver. 2.0 or later power supply with SSI power connector uncomplianceATX20+4Pin complianceAT motherboard output connector uncomplianceATX Motherboard Auxiliary Connector uncomplianceProcessor connector for ATX motherboard complianceProcessor Connector for SSI Motherboard compliancePCI-Express uncompliancePCI-E 8Pin uncompliancePeripheral connector complianceConnector compliant with the S-ATA (Serial ATA) standard complianceConnectors for FDDs compliance
Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
Compatible case size PS2-
Outline drawing 150Wx86Hx120D
Weight 1.70 kg typ
Input Voltage AC 85-264V
Efficiency AC 68% typical at AC 100V/71% typical at AC 240V
Power factor 98% typical at AC 100V/92% typical at AC 240V
Input changeover system Worldwide
Safety UL60950, CSA-60950,CE marking(IEC62368-1)
High frequency current regulation IEC61000-3-2 (Ed. 2.1) Class D EN61000-3-2 (A14) Class D compliant
EMI standard
(Input feedback noise)
VCCI Class B FCC Rules Class B EN55022 Class B compliant
CE marking Low voltage and EMI directive and RoHS2.0
EMS immunity Electrostatic discharge: EN61000-4-2
Radiated, radio-frequrency EM fields: EN61000-4-3
Fast transient burst: EN61000-4-4 compliat
MTBF 135,000 Hrs
Operating temperature 0 to 40 deg.C at 100% load/50deg.C at 60% load
Leakage current 0.5mA max. at AC 100V/1mA max. at AC 240V
Cooling systems Forced air cooling
Output ground connection
Warranty Three years after delivery; Any defects belong to us, the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at our cost.
Accessory (Optional)
ACC2734(PS2734) Clamp to prevent AC power cable coming off
ACC5046(PS5046) Harness equipped with ON/OFF switch
WH2753(PS2753) AC Power Cable(PSE)
WH5055(PS5055) ATX to AT Conversion Harness
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